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Woven Cotton Labels – a soft and luxurious finish with unmistakable quality

Woven Cotton Labels

A soft and luxurious finish with unmistakable quality

For several years, we’ve been proud to produce these eco-conscious labels, crafted meticulously from premium cotton yarn blended with just the right amount of recycled polyester for durability.

Here’s why our Woven Cotton Labels are the perfect choice for your brand…

High-Quality Material

Our Woven Cotton Labels are exceptionally durable and colour-fast. Made from premium cotton yarn with a touch of recycled polyester for strength, these labels are woven to last, ensuring that your brand message remains vibrant and intact overtime.

Bespoke Options

These labels offer a range of folding options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer straight cut, end fold, or centre fold, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we can add different backing options, including self-adhesive and iron-on

(note these backings may not be eco-friendly).

Quick Lead Times

We understand the importance of prompt delivery. With our efficient production process, we offer quick lead times without sacrificing quality.

Sustainable Benefits

The blend of cotton and recycled polyester offers many sustainable benefits…

Have more questions about our Woven Cotton Labels?

Get in touch with the Asquith team today! We’re here to provide you with any additional information you may need.

+44 (0)1752 342 809 |  sales@asquith-group.com

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