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The Essential Wholesale Products for Tailors and Shirtmakers

Asquith Group Ltd is dedicated to championing and supporting the age-old craft of tailoring and shirtmaking. Our commitment to this tradition is reflected in our ethos, where we strive to provide quality textile labels and wholesale products that elevate the work of tailors and shirtmakers.

At Asquith, we understand the meticulous attention to detail that goes into crafting garments of unparalleled quality. Recognising the significance of superior materials and tools in this art, we have curated a range of wholesale products that cater specifically to the needs of tailors and shirtmakers.

Explore our range of textile supplies:

Binding and cords

Precision is paramount in tailoring, and our collection of high-quality binding and cords ensure seamless finishes.


Chalk and marking

Detailing begins with precision marking. Asquith provides an array of chalk and marking tools that allow craftsmen to outline patterns, ensuring accuracy in every cut and stitch. Our products are designed to make the crafting process more efficient, allowing for intricate designs without compromising on accuracy.


Cutting room accessories

A well-equipped cutting room is the heart of any tailoring endeavor. Our cutting room accessories are carefully selected to enhance efficiency and craftsmanship.



Our collection of scissors is a testament to our commitment to quality. Tailors and shirtmakers can choose from a variety of scissors designed for different fabrics and cutting techniques.


Sewing Thread

The strength of any garment lies in the stitching, and Asquith Group Ltd provides an extensive range of sewing threads to meet the diverse needs of tailors and shirtmakers. Whether it’s durability, color variety, or specialty threads for unique designs, our collection ensures that every stitch contributes to the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the final piece.


As you embark on your next tailoring project, trust Asquith Group Ltd to be your reliable partner. Our dedication to delivering excellence in textile supplies ensures that every garment you craft becomes a masterpiece, reflecting the timeless tradition of tailoring and shirtmaking.

If you require any other textile supplies, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1752 342 809 or sales@asquith-group.com

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