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Textured Weave Labels: Experience the optimum luxury through touch

Textured Weave Labels

Experience the optimum luxury through touch…

Seeking a luxury label?

Asquith’s Textured Weave Labels offer a distinctive pattern that not only adds depth and character, but also communicates a sense of premium quality. Explore the realm of creative expression and make a lasting impression with labels that invite touch, creating a memorable and engaging experience for the end user.

Different Weave Options:


This pattern known by its V-shaped design, resembling the skeleton of a herring fish. In this weaving technique, parallel lines meet and create a zigzag pattern that adds a touch of elegance and texture to your label.


This texture has ridges in straight lines to create a raised feel. Commonly known as grosgrain, another name for this type of pattern is ribbed.

Small Logos / Letters.

Smaller logos or letters can be replicated across the background of the label. This gives a very strong brand identity across the whole of the label.


This texture has raised dots scattered across the surface of the label to give a polka dot effect. The dots can be large or small to give different looks and feels.

Triple Weave.

The triple weave effect is where the identical color is intricately woven into the fabric of the label, resulting in a sophisticated embossed appearance.

Basket Weave.

The basket weave pattern is characterised by interlacing horizontal and vertical threads, creating a crisscross effect that resembles the weave of a basket.

Quality Features:

Textures Available: Herringbone | Grosgrain |  Small Letters / Logos | Dots | Basket Weave | Triple Weave

Colours Available: Over 600 yarn colours available

Colours per label: Up to 8 yarn colours per label

Backing Options: Sew on | Self-Adhesive | Iron-On

Certification: Tested to BS 5742 Standards

MOQ: 500pcs

Average Lead Time: Enquire for more information Also available in Recycled Polyester

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