What are textile labels & why do you need them on your products?

Textile labels are designed to provide consumers with vital information about the product. We understand that beginning your labelling project can be daunting, but we're here to help you every step of the way. It's easy to overlook something so small, but your labels are more significant than you may realise!

They showcase your admirable brand, ensuring that your customers remember exactly where they bought their favourite T-shirt, pair of trousers, or even cap... the list goes on!

This video will explain the what textile labels are & why you need them on your products.

Legal Requirements & Fold and Finishing Options

You are not required to provide specific information on the label for every type of product, but if you do then it must be accurate. Some production and retails are subject to additional regulations. 

We recommend you speak to your local trading standards to find out the exact requirements for your labels, as each product is different and has its own individual requirements. 

This video will help give you some guidance on the legal requirements your labels should meet.

Label Placements & Recommended Sizes

When you're thinking about where your label should go on your product, it's a good idea to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to deliver a really strong brand identity, or something a bit more subtle?

This video will outline the different label placements and recommended label sizes, which will work best for your product and needs.

The Enquiry Timeline

We have developed a step by step process to help make each stage simple for you to follow. There are 8 steps within this process:

  • Step 1 – Complete the enquiry form
  • Step 2 – Design your artwork
  • Step 3 – Approve your artwork
  • Step 4 – receive a proposal based on your artwork
  • Step 5 – Approve your proposal
  • Step 6 – Sample your label
  • Step 7 – Approve your label sample
  • Step 8 – order your new labels

This video will outline what you can expect during each stage.

Label Lead Times

Each labelling product has its own individual lead time, and here’s a break down.

Note this is an estimation, factors such a production queues, machine break downs, and other circumstances can affect the production lead time.

Recycled & Eco Labels

We understand the challenged you face which sourcing sustainable labels and swing tags for your eco product range, which is why we have developed a range of labelling products that give you greater choice.

This video outlines the different labeling products within our sustainable range, and the benefits of each type.

Technical Labels

We know that it can be challenging to trace your products, keep track of your stock and find a label which is durable - that’s why we have created this special range of our technical labels to make security, traceability, and stock control simple, and provide solutions for your needs. 

To add to this special range, our labels have been tested to BS5742 and the equivalent to ISO 6330, to ensure they can be used by military and in harsh environments. Our rigorous QC system checks and tests every barcode and QR code before it leaves production to ensure your labels are perfect.

Printed Fabric Labels

Functional and cost effective, our printed fabric labels are perfect for producing accurately detailed brand labels, care and composition details and statutory disclosures. Printed labels are made by adding ink into fabric by digital or plate format.

Cork & Jacron Labels

Our range of cork and jacron labels are a great sustainable alternative to leather and faux leather. They are made from a completely natural material, which is a great way to help reduce the amount of plastic traces within your products.

Swing Tickets

A swing ticket, sometimes known as a hang tag, is a printed board or material with text, then attached to a garment for sale. Swing tags, unlike other labels, are not sewn into a garment: they can be attached to the garment with various types of stringing or a plastic attachment.

A swing ticket gives you the space to get creative with your branding. Although they may have only begun as a simple price tag, they've evolved into an increasingly key part of how a product is branded.