Heat Press Application

If you use a press machine 3-4 bar, 120 - 140°C, 10-12 seconds.

Iron-On Application

Use a thin material like a gauze to cover the labels (do not iron directly on to the labels themselves).

General guide to fabrics and application specifications:
Gabardine cloth: 160°C for 10-15 secs.
Towels and Bathrobes: 160°C or 15-20 secs.
Jeans/Denim material: 180°C for 10-15 secs.
T-Shirts/Underwear: 140°C-150°C for 10-15 secs.
Socks/Knitted products: 185°C for 10-15 secs.

For thin materials iron on the reverse of the garment/label.

DO NOT USE STEAM when applying thermal heatseal labels.

Please wait for 48 hours after fixing the labels before any wash testing.

Do not wash the labels to a temperature of more than 45°C.

We believe the information and specifications supplied are reliable, but we cannot guarantee that any results shown or claimed will be obtained due to fabric differences and fabric finishes. Before applying any thermal adhesive labels to finished products the user should satisfy themselves that they are suitable for the intended use as no claims can be made for damaged products or unsatisfactory results obtained by using thermal adhesive labels. The user must assume all risk and liability with their own tests and the use of these labels.
The statements above have been quoted from the adhesive manufacturer and have been passed on in good faith, but no responsibility can be held as to their accuracy. Thermal Heatseal Badge Application Instructions.