Woven Tax Tabs: Little labels with potential tax savings.

Thursday 31st October 2019

In the UK a tax saving may be permitted for workwear that is recognisably a uniform, or part of a uniform. However, if workwear doesn’t meet HMRC tax-free guidelines, employees might need to declare the workwear as a ‘benefit in kind’ and could be liable to pay tax, out of their personal tax allowance.

One way of transforming ordinary corporate workwear into a uniform, is to sew a permanent small woven label, often referred to as a ‘tax tab’, into the external seam of each garment. Adding a tax tab to a garment is a subtle, yet successful way, of branding ordinary clothing as workwear so that an employee can be recognised as wearing a uniform. 

Not normally wider than 20-25mm wide, a woven tax-tab has a small sew-in allowance to tuck it into an external seam so that the label appears on the outside of a garment. These small tags can feature a logo, corporate colours, or other branding and are particularly effective on corporate & hospitality wear, when embroidery or screen printing are not appropriate.

Asquith’s high-definition, damask woven tax tabs are an excellent choice for displaying logos and fine text. Available in over 600 colours, they are tested to BS5742 standards and can be washed and dry cleaned.  Asquith offer a design and sampling service to ensure that any tax tabs are made to a client’s exact requirements.

For tax purposes HRMC defines a uniform as ‘a set of clothing of a specialised nature that is recognisable as a uniform and is intended/ to identify its wearer as having a particular occupation… A detachable badge is not sufficient to make the clothing to which it is attached part of a uniform.’ More information can be found here https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-intern...