World Ocean Day 2022

Wednesday 8th June 2022

The 2022 Conservation Action Focus: Protect 30% of our blue planet for a healthy ocean and climate by 2030.

World Ocean Day is held on 8th June each year, and gives us with an opportunity to be mindful on how we can help protect our land and ocean. 
This years theme focuses on safeguarding our ocean, its biodiversity and building climate change. A healthy ocean is a critical part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis.


One great way of protecting our oceans is to reduce the amount of microplastics, in turn preventing plastic pollution and advancing solutions.

Did you know the majority of microplastics from textiles are released the first few times textiles are washed?

This means it's important to reduce the amount of plastic and polyester used within your garments where possible - opining for a label with less polyester is a great way to achieve this... Your small changes can make a big impact!

Here are two different labelling solutions:

Woven Natural Fibre Labels

Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Linen, Silk, Viscose, Wool - Each of these natural textile blends, offers unique properties when used for woven product labelling.

Made with a natural fibre yarn, with a little polyester added for strength, this is the perfect way to reduce the amount of plastic in your products with no compromise on quality.

Printed Cotton Labels

When you need a natural material then cotton is the perfect base platform for printed labels. This option is available in 100% cotton, so there are zero traces of polyester.

With a lower minimum order quantity, this is an ideal solution for smaller product batches and is generally considered more cost effective.