Track, Trace & Inform...

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Woven Barcode, QR Code & Sequential Numbering Labels

A label is more than just a label. It shows your brand, and gives the end user instructions for the care and washing of the product.

However, as we advancing in technology, a simple label may not be enough, as it is important to be able to connect and keep connecting. 

Let us help you to develop a label which enables the end user to connect with your brand, or to help it make it easier for your company to track your products. The uses of these labels are endless, with many opportunities and options. We can make your labels work for you - our woven barcode, QR code and sequential numbering labels will also help your company to keep up with the advancing technological world. 

We can also insert RFID technology into your label for you as well as having a barcode, QR code or sequential numbering on the label. Or, we can make the label tubular enabling a microchip to be inserted into the label which is another way you can track and trace your products.

Link your label with your data, with a barcode to scan. Do you know where your products are? Why not trace your product with a unique number for every label. Does your product need an individual reference to meet legislation. With these labels, it will not wash or wear off, ensuring your product remains compliant with the law. Or, you could take your customer on a journey via a QR Code. Give your customer up-to-date and live information. Make it easy for your customers to return to your website, with these labels.