The Triman Logo: What you need to know about the symbol in France.

Wednesday 12th April 2023

First introduced in France, 1st January 2015, the Triman logo has now become a mandatory symbol that must be displayed directly on product packaging – but what does it mean?

Signage requirements (as outlined in French Decree No. 2021-835) became effective on 1st January 2022, with a transitional period lasting until September 2022 to guarantee that existing packaging may become compliant. Packaging created before 9th September 2022, will now be eligible for an extension through March 2023.

Prior to January 1st 2022, only the Triman logo was required; after this date, sorting instructions are also required. Any packaging without the new Triman logo and sorting instructions will no longer be permitted on the French market once the applicable enforcement dates are announced.

Triman logo for textiles and shoes:

France will require textile products sold there to display the updated Info-Tri sorting signage published by Refashion, beginning in 2023.

The minimum requirements are the Triman logo, pictograms of the product category and of a recycling container, as well as the link to the website.

Triman logo for furniture:

The rules for an Infotori sorting recommendation for furniture goods were released in 2021, hence the deadlines for household packing have been modified to match those of this product category. Any furniture made after 9th December 2022, that is intended for sale in France must bear the Triman logo and the appropriate sorting instructions on the product or packaging. Up to 9th June 2023, manufactured goods without the logo can be sold.

What are the possible penalties for non-compliance?

Any infraction of the marking and information responsibilities results in financial penalties, as per French AGEC Law, Art. L541-9-4. These fines may reach 3,000 euros for natural individuals and 15,000 euros for legal entities.