New Product...Woven Rubber Labels

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Asquith Group Ltd are now offering a brand new product which achieves durability and a premium feel. These labels are perfect for sportswear, car interiors, marine and leisure craft, and military uses. 

The same woven fabric label we all know, but with a twist... This great new product incorporates rubber threads which are woven into the label, helping to create a durable and sturdy feel.

Some Uses of Woven Rubber Labels...

Sports & Activewear 

Our woven rubber label compliments your branding, giving that durable and rugged appearance to it, making it stand out differently. There are 16 different coloured rubber yarns available, along with our range of standard polyester yarns.

Automotive Upholstery

Add a touch of elegance to your luxury motor brand with our high definition woven rubber labels, giving it an extra design feature. Our labels are available in different folds and finishes to meet your needs.

Marine & Leisure Craft

This label is ideal for outdoor conditions, with the rubber and polyester yarns creating a reliable and lasting branding option. A special feature availabel is our luminescent rubber yarn to make your brand glow.

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