Have You Heard About The £2m Circular Fashion Fund?

Monday 11th July 2022

To help minimise the environmental impact of textiles, Scottish textile businesses can now apply for funding 

from a £2 million circular textiles fund operated by Zero Waste Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government. 

Read more & Register your interest below by 29 July 2022


Who can apply for the Circular Textiles Fund? 

Textile companies interested in implementing a circular business model or project in Scotland can apply for the fund. Those applicants will be assessed based on their ability to:

  • Accelerate a circular transition in Scotland
  • Deliver economic and inclusive growth
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce carbon impact
  • Innovate

With those 5 key areas in mind, Asquith want to help you reach your compatibility to receive funding, by offering our completely bespoke labelling products and services!

How can Asquith help you achieve net zero?


QR Code Labels

We can produce QR code labels, which are a great way to track and trace information in relation to the product it is attached to. This can help support the circular fashion aspect, so your business can offer rental services on your textile products.

Having a QR code attached to the products, means either you or your customer can scan and view the history, making it even easier to keep track of any potential damage charges and other important information.

Read more about our QR code labels here >>>

Recycled & Natural Fibre Labels

Another great way Asquith can help, is by supplying you with Recycled & Eco alternatives to your labelling. We offer many different types of sustainable labeling solutions, so you can be sure to find a solution that fits your brand perfectly.

Having recycled polyester labels within your products help to reduce waste, as it uses recycled materials and can be recycled even further.

The Natural Fibres available are: Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, linen, Silk, Viscose, Wool

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