Fabric Sequential Numbering Labels

Thursday 9th September 2021

Do you need a solution to connect your product with your system...but with speed and ease? 

At Asquith, we can help you meet your need. Within our digital printed label range, we can add digital touchpoints to your label from a QR code which simply takes the end user of your product to your website, or something more technical like a series of different barcodes, numbers and QR codes which enables you to track your product as well as giving information and increasing customer retention. 
What's more, they can be printed on different fabrics and materials from polyester satin fabric to polypropylene self-adhesive material, and with a quick turnaround time! 

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Case Study:

Customer's Need: "We need sequential numbering labels urgently to go on our toys to make them unique with our branding. "

Solution: Our team at Asquith, were able to produce poly satin fabric labels with sequential numbering, which were printed within the specified time and delivered on time for the customer to sew the labels onto their toys, which enabled their toys to each have a unique number.
Result: Satisfied customer with a label and service that met their requirements.