Bespoke Woven Labels

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Searching for a high quality label? Look no further than Asquith's woven label range. Perfect for showcasing logo's and fine text, with a durable finish to last the garments lifetime.

High-Definition Label

Our High Definition weaving pattern is a blend of all the weaving platforms with a definition of 60-65 picks/cm2. These quality damask labels are an excellent choice for displaying logos and fine text. We use 2 different deniers, which creates different densities and produces a wide range of textured effects.

Super High-Definition Label 

 The Superweave damask woven label gives the finest, sharpest, most deluxe quality finish, which will enhance your high-quality product with a finished label of 70-100 picks/cm². Enhancing the quality of the product and ensuring fine text remains legible to the reader.


Here is a comparison with high definition on the left, and super high definition on the right. As you can see, the right side holds much finer details, and the text reads more clear than the left side.

For woven high-definition labels, we suggest text to be no smaller than 2mm as it may lose its legibility due to the thickness of the yarns.
Having a high quality woven clothing label really makes your premium and luxury clothing line stand out from the crow