Tuesday 26th July 2022

To stand out in the market, your product design and development must be innovative. This can be achieved by implementing digital technology such as QR codes (Quick Response).

The popularity of QR codes has grown along with the growth of smartphones. They have become so widespread that they are now frequently seen on labels, posters, and other branding materials.

We've put together 10 benefits of adding QR Codes to your labels, read on to find out more:

1) Grow your social media engagement 

Social networking is critical for any business, and QR codes on product labels can direct customers to your profiles on all social media platforms. Customers who follow your company's profiles by using the QR code could receive a discount as an added incentive.

2) Track Stock Control

Each garment can be labelled with a QR code, that gathers the stock data on a software system. This is a quick solution to tracking stock levels, as you no longer need to use the old school pen and paper method of tracking!

3) Reward Customers

Instead of providing a social media link, you can thank your consumers with a QR code. Use the code in the form of a ready-to-scan coupon. Since QR codes are paperless coupons, you can save lots of money on printing.

4) Track Rental History

Circular fashion is becoming popular to help combat issues from the fast fashion industry. Shoppers can now rent out their favorite fashion items for a fraction of the price as buying them new. The QR code allows shoppers and owners to track the history of the product, and see any potential damages recorded.

5) Allow customers to access relevant content

You can also use a QR code to link to quality content for your products or services. Search for blogs, articles, instructional videos, and other online resources - perfect for sharing product instructions!

6) Share More Information

Is your garment label too small to fit all the required information? The QR code is here to assist you! Connect your code to a website page that shows all this information. In this method, your QR code may act as an extension of your label, reducing the size of the label and providing customers with all relevant information.

7) Announce Upcoming Events

Are you planning an upcoming event? You may use your QR code to promote the event on your product labels. The QR code allows customers to find information such as dates & times, they can also RSVP to your event.

8) Bring visitors to your website

It may be easier for a customer to quickly scan a QR code form their phone, than it is to manually type out your website address.
This helps to increase your websites traffic, as it takes them directly there.

9) Strengthen SEO

New visitors to your website can help strengthen your websites SEO, and in turn potentially rank above your competitors. The increase in traffic can convert to click through rates and other factors that Google consider when ranking your website.

10) Create a digital look book

Attaching a QR code to a swing tag can allow your customers to scan and be diverted to a digital look book. This can show them the many ways to style the garments, and even share their own looks for others to take inspiration from!

With those 10 benefits in mind, will you consider redesigning your current branding label and incorporate a QR code?

Choose between woven or printed solutions, and Asquith will work with you to design the perfect technical label according to your product's specification.