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Used For:

  • Sustainable clothing & garments
  • Knitwear
  • Eco friendly products

Cork is one of the world’s most versatile materials, as it is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. Made from natural cork with a coagulated backing to withstand washing - Natural bark is taken from the living cork oak trees, leaving the tree free from harm as they are one of the few tree species that can survive once the bark has been removed.

The suberin and ceroids contained in the cell walls, means cork is protected from liquids and gases - the materials resistance to moisture enables it to age without deteriorating.

In terms of thickness, 1.3mm is the standard. Although, if the label needs to be thicker, a thicker backing can be applied to the cork. 

  • Natural product
  • Small selection of natural ground colours available
  • Can be die cut to different shapes
  • Great printing results
  • Minimum order quantity: 250pcs

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  • Natural product 
  • Similar feel to real leather 
  •  Printed, embossed or debossed 
  • Metallic finishes (Gold, Silver, Bronze) 
  • Minimum order quantity: 250pcs

Used for:

  • Jeans & Denim
  • Vegan / Sustainable Clothing

Jacron is a sustainable kraft paper material made from cellulose, water and some particles of natural rubber - giving a paper-like feel. The production is a process of turning wood into wood pulp, then forming into various paper products.

This is a great alternative to leather, as it’s vegan and sustainable: jacron looks similar to real leather, but it’s 100% animal-free.

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