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Fibre Content: Navigating the Updates in EU Textile Labelling Regulations

The inclusion of fibre content is a legal requirement on labels for textile products globally (except in Switzerland). As we know, the standard format involves listing fibre content in descending order. Only fibres from the approved fibre list are permitted, and brand names can be used in conjunction with the approved fibre names. Here’s what we know […]

The Print & Stitch Roadshow 2023 comes to an end!

As the Print & Stitch Roadshow 2023 comes to a close, we can’t help but look back on a truly brilliant year of exhibiting all over the UK. It has been an incredible journey, filled with new experiences, valuable connections, and exciting opportunities within the textile industry. Let’s reflect on the highlights of the roadshow, […]

Recycle Week 2023: Recycled Polyester Labels

Recycle Week is the perfect time to reflect on the small yet impactful changes we can make to reduce our environmental footprint. Recycling, as we all know, is a crucial part of this process. However, there’s a significant issue at play: the phenomenon of “missed capture.” This term refers to the items that can be […]

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